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Physical health and mental wellness go hand in hand.

When you aren’t mentally present, it can be tough to push for another set or run that extra 1/2 mile. Sometimes it just feels good to cry it out and carry on, but don’t let yourself get to your breaking point every few weeks.

Keeping a healthy and focused mindset is your secret weapon to knocking out the competition.

Strengthen the connection between your body and mind, enhance your performance, and even eat better by practicing meditation.

Here’s the thing, meditation can be what you need it be in order to fit your lifestyle and schedule. It doesn’t mean you need to sit in a corner with your legs crossed chanting “OM” for an hour (unless you want to!). It also doesn’t mean you need a spiritual guide to help you achieve enlightenment (but if that’s what you want, go for it, girl!). 

There are countless ways and resources for you to explore meditation and achieve your winning mindset – from tuning out the world for a few hours with your phone off, to silent sessions of deep breath with your eyes shut. Look up apps on your phone or YouTube videos to see what brings you a little inner peace.

Curious to exactly how meditation strengthens your physical health?

Here are 4 reasons why winners meditate:


Up your performance

Did you know NBA coach Phil Jackson’s meditation practices are what led the Lakers to victory? He had the guys meditate before every game. It’s what gave them that “free flow.”

When you meditate, you’re allowing your brain to visualize and expand, helping you keep focused on your biggest goals. That zone you want to be in before you step in the ring, or prep to lift another 25lbs, even get ready to tackle a huge project at work, meditation helps you keep your eye on the prize and endure.


Achieve a healthy sleep cycle

Trying to achieve a weight goal? Have a minor injury that’s getting in the way of your fitness routine?

A regular sleep cycle helps your body work its magic – refuelling and repairing you.

Meditation helps your body get into a flow, naturally cueing up your energy for the day and resetting you during the night. By resting well, your body is able to take in the physical work you are doing towards your goals, and help those injuries recover faster.


Improve your immune system

Did you know your mental health is directly connected to your immune system? High stress levels jab at your immune system, causing you to easily fall ill or experience inflammation. 

Knock out the effects of emotional stress on the body with meditation. Calm the mind and redirect that pesky energy into your fighting spirit.


Develop a healthy relationship with your diet

There are many myths about diets, but here’s a fact: mindfulness promotes healthy eating

When you are connecting your brain and your body with purpose, you are able to pay more attention to hunger cues. This includes having a better understanding of when you are actually full, when your body needs (insteads of just wants) a snack, and helps you pay attention to how food tastes.

Studies have even shown that meditation helps in achieving weight loss goals better than just a change in diet. Plus, with all the added value meditation brings you, why not give it a try?

Make more time for you so you can be at your best on a daily basis.

Achieve your winning mindset by adding meditation to your training routine!

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