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About SheWarrior®

Stop crouching and start jabbing towards your fitness goals.

You know when you get home from the gym and you just feel amazing?

You leave training proud to share what you accomplished. You feel ready to take on new challenges and grasp every opportunity, finding new limits to your mental and physical strength as a woman.

Doesn’t it suck when you can’t make it to the gym?

Things come up. You have to put your loved ones first – your kids have activities, your partner is still at work. You let your personal needs slide in order to serve others, without realizing how you feel about it long-term.

Your lifestyle is busy. Sometimes you are simply depleted of energy after a long day. You need a place where you can let out steam, clear your mind, and just release. You deserve that space.

That’s why we love boxing.

Training helps you be assertive, strategic, and unapologetic. It tones you up, teaches you to be quick on your feet, and confident about putting your needs first.

Honor your inner fighter with activewear that fuels your champion spirit.

There is always something new to learn and challenges to conquer that lead you to a stronger and more confident version of yourself.

Step into the ring and fight for what you want.

SheWarrior® helps you strive towards every personal victory.

Inspire your creative feminine spirit and achieve peak performance in activewear that celebrates your inner fighter. From your fiercest boxing workout, to your weekly yoga session, to going that extra mile on every run.

Celebrate your body and your inner warrior with athletic wear that flatters your beautiful shape and your sense of style.

After all, strong is the new sexy.

Natlyn Jones

SheWarrior® is led by Natlyn Jones, our fearless champion. As an active boxing promoter, she works towards changing the status quo of boxing, a typically male dominated sport, by empowering women to raise a fist.

Natlyn’s passion for boxing runs in the family. After two years of fight training, learning the techniques and discipline required to be a boxer, Natlyn was inspired to launch SheWarrior®.

Her mission: to nurture the fighting spirit within all women and lead them towards championing their health, wellness and inner warrior.

Show the world the badass SheWarrior® within you.

Find clarity, embrace your wins, and throw every punch with precision in style. You deserve boxing and athletic wear that stays true to your lifestyle and strength.

Approach every challenge like the final fight.

SheWarrior® vs. Fashion Production

Lately Mother Earth has been in the ring non-stop fighting to be nurtured and cared for, just like she does for human kind.

To honor her fighting spirit, we ensure all SheWarrior® collections are created in the USA. Our sustainable production house uses water-free dyeing processes and spins synthetic fibres from 100% upcycled plastic.

Learn how we’re fighting for Mother Earth by getting in touch with our team.

SheWarrior® Gives Back

We believe in standing up for our community and making a difference. We’re proud to say that SheWarrior® is dedicated to giving back to the Klaas Kids Foundation: established to protect children for generations and to stop crimes against children.