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Overwhelmed shopping for the SheWarriors in your life this holiday season?

We got you.

Jab right into the holidays with a curated gift guide that helps you empower the strong and sexy women in your life—your she warriors.

Let’s face it: athletic wear is always the first to fall apart after just a few wears. Gift your workout queens high-performance activewear made to last. 

All SheWarrior pieces are:

  • – Antimicrobial with moisture-wicking performance attributes
  • – Locally made in the U.S.A.
  • – Made with less water, helping reduce CO2 emissions produced by the fashion industry
  • – Produced on-demand, keeping old stock and textiles from taking over landfills

To help you sprint through the holiday shopping, we’ve curated 5 SheWarrior looks for the champions in your life.


For the Winter Warrior

You know that woman who doesn’t get the winter blues?

The Winter Warrior says “bring it on” to colder temperatures, and pushes herself to get her title (even when delicious holiday treats await her at the dinner table).

The Champion Crop Sweatshirt is perfect for throwing over any sports bra or tank to keep the chill of winter away from your skin. Paired with The Champion Leggings, your Winter Warrior will be happily jogging out the door for her morning runs, ready to take on another winter’s day.


The Fearless Female

You know that friend who is always going after what she wants, regardless of what’s in her way?

Yeah. We love her. She’s our Fearless Female. 

She’s spicy, confident, and brings her fighting spirit with her everywhere—at the office and in the gym.

The Round One Leopard Sports Bra and Leggings are our favorite for representing the feline, the fighter, and the “won’t stop until I get enough” attitude within us all. 

The fight is on in this two-piece. Help your Fearless Females pounce on every goal like a leopard!


The Community Connector

You know that friend who’s always lifting up her community and constantly putting others before herself (but somehow always makes it to the gym)? 

She’s our Community Connector.

She always finds the time to volunteer, lead a campaign for the health of mother earth, or get you out to a killer event in support of the community.

Empower her to continue stepping up and standing out in the Ko two-piece, a vibrant look for her inner superhero.


The Busy Bee

You know that mom that’s always on the go? She gets the kids to school, to their extra-curriculars, and kills it at the office?

She’s our Busy Bee.

Help her knockout the stress of her packed schedule with a two-piece that reminds her that she can also put herself first: You vs. You.


The Title Tacker

No matter what barrier she faces, she’s in it to win it. She’s independent, confident, and doesn’t let life get the best of her. 

She’s our Title Tacker.

However, she definitely gets a little overwhelmed at times—the internal struggle is real. Help her sit on her thrown in the Journeymen two-piece. She deserves it. Give her what she needs to go the distance and knockout every opponent.

Inspire your gang of SheWarriors and take action in the conscious fashion movement this holiday season.

  • KO Sports Bra

  • Round One Leopard Sports Bra in Gold

  • Sold Out

    Champions Compression Legging

  • Champions Crop Sweatshirt in White / Black

  • You vs. You Muscle Tank

  • Round One Leopard Legging


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