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“Oh, just one more minute”, said every human around the world when their alarm went off at 6am today.

We’ve all been that person who just can’t seem to uncurl themselves from their comfy bed, or unwrap their warm blanket to rise for another day ahead.

We’ve also been that person who decided to rise early and seize the day. And let’s face it, we know that waking up early can often solve 99% of daily challenges we face.

With more time comes more opportunity: making a wholesome breakfast, getting school lunches done (on time), actually getting a moment of peace before the buzz of the day begins.

Imagine if you could conquer every single day by doing a few simple things in the morning that set you up for daily success.

Stop hitting snooze and get in the groove.

Here are 5 morning motivators that’ll help you start your day on a high note so you can cruise through the day crushing every task ahead.


Don’t wake and scroll!

Did you know 80% of smartphone users check their notifications within 15 minutes of waking up?

It’s true, and it’s a massive mental health issue according to a study by IDC Research. By allowing your phone to pull your attention with email, text, and social media notifications as soon as you wake up, your brain is instantly triggered to get stressed out. Not only does it make you anxious about the day ahead, it completely pulls your focus as you easily become more and more distracted throughout the rest of the day.

Shift those “monday blues” by simply leaving your phone away from reach for the first hour of the day.


Give your body and mind time to come alive

Hate being in a rush every morning?

Set your alarm early so you have time to wake up slow, and give your 5 senses time to come alive.

If you allow yourself to sit in silence, or give yourself an extra 5 minutes to sing and dance in the shower while you get ready, you can set the tone for the day before you’ve even had your morning coffee. Maybe even make yourself a fancy breakfast and prep your body to get to work.

Who says you can’t treat every morning like it’s Sunday morning?


Don’t skip breakfast

The phrase “breakfast for champions” is no joke.

People who eat breakfast every morning are less likely to be overweight or encounter chronic diseases. They also have more control over their appetite.

Eating a balanced breakfast of protein, fiber, and calcium helps fuel our bodies so we can conquer the day ahead (accompanied by a good night’s sleep, of course!).

Here’s the thing, there are tons of studies about whether you should or shouldn’t skip breakfast, but one thing is for sure: eating breakfast has a lot more good than harm, so get your grub on!

Plus, who wouldn’t want a satisfying, yummy meal to kickstart the day?


Breathe and stretch

Whether you’re sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, or out running around all day, a good stretch never hurt nobody.

If you’re curled up in the same position all night long, and then suddenly spring your body into motion, you’re going to start feeling some muscle and joint discomfort.

Just like you stretch for a killer workout, stretch for a killer day.

Warming up your body for the day helps get circulation going and increases joint flexibility. Your body naturally wants you to stretch your arms and toes when you wake up, so help your body get into the fighting spirit by giving each muscle a little pull.


Express gratitude

Imagine the effects on your mental health if you started everyday by taking 5 minutes to remind yourself of all the things you are thankful for.

Think of your community, your independence, and the privilege you have to take time in the morning to be thankful for the joy and opportunity in your life.

Whether you’re writing it out, saying it aloud, or thinking it to yourself over coffee, expressing gratitude in the morning immediately brings you a beautiful sense of contentment for the rest of the day.

Expressing gratitude can literally add years to your life as well! It helps you become more resilient and keep negative thoughts and stress at bay.

Start implementing these 5 morning motivators into your daily routine and reap the benefits of the SheWarrior mindset.

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